The Ultimate Guide to DeBank — Portfolio Tracker on Steroids

4 min readSep 21, 2022

DeBank is a multi-chain portfolio tracker with added unique features.

It can:

  • Track your assets, holdings and deposits across multiple chains
  • Track NFTs and historical transactions
  • View others’ activities
  • Track top DeFi protocols and their top depositors
  • Social ranking leaderboard

Track your assets, holdings and deposits across multiple chains

By connecting your Web3 wallet to DeBank, you would be able to view your holdings across different supported blockchains — currently DeBank supports 1422 protocols on 36 blockchains.

If you’re depositing on decentralized lending protocols like Aave, DeBank can keep track of your health rate, giving you a heads up on your liquidation status.

Track NFTs and historical transactions

DeBank also offers the ability to track NFTs, you can use it is to track the value of your NFT portfolio or track actual profit and loss based on your trades.

You can also go back in time to see your transaction history — by chain, or across all chains at once.

View others’ activities

Now that’s all cool, but you can use the above features with another person’s wallet. We know that the blockchain is semi-autonomous, so if you’re able to identify a whale’s wallet, simply enter his or her address into DeBank and track its activities.

For example, the address 0x534a0076fb7c2b1f83fa21497429ad7ad3bd7587 has been accumulating more than 200,000 GMX tokens over the past several months — worth US$8m today.

This can be useful for following what the whales are doing, copy-trading them, and profiting!

Track top DeFi protocols and their top depositors

It would be good to identify whales right? One way to find out who these whales are is to look for top depositors in popular DeFi protocols — this can be found in the DeFi List tab.

For example, diving into Convex, we can see that the top depositors in Convex are mainly contracts.

But scroll further down and you will start seeing EOAs appearing.

…and we have found a whale occupying 7th spot in the Convex list — this person has US$103m in Convex, US$23m in Aave and US$22m in Aura Finance.


Social ranking leaderboard

The social ranking leaderboard is another way for you to easily find some of the larger wallets in the space.

The social ranking takes into account a number of factors, including ETH balance, address age, profile integrity, deposits into DeFi and more.

Maybe following these top accounts may inspire you with some alpha that you wouldn’t have thought about yourself.

If you love portfolio trackers, check out this article below to see which are the best portfolio trackers in DeFi.

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