Gnosis Pay launches Gnosis Card — a self-custodial Visa debit card

4 min readJul 17

Gnosis, a leading decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, is making waves in the crypto industry with the launch of Gnosis Pay and Gnosis Card.

These groundbreaking initiatives aim to bridge the gap between traditional payment methods and the decentralized ecosystem, offering users a seamless and secure experience in managing their digital assets.

Gnosis Pay is the world’s first Decentralized Payment Network (DPN), designed to address the challenges posed by reliance on centralized systems.

One of the key offerings of Gnosis Pay is the Gnosis Card, a self-custodial Visa debit card that revolutionizes consumer payments. Unlike traditional debit cards that are linked to bank accounts, the Gnosis Card is directly linked to an on-chain wallet, giving users complete control and custody over their funds.

With the Gnosis Card, users can make purchases at any Visa terminal, providing them with the convenience and flexibility of a traditional payment card.

Security is a top priority for Gnosis, and the Gnosis Card is no exception. Certified by Visa and adhering to EMVCo standards, the Gnosis Card ensures the same level of security as any other debit card in the market.

The funds stored in the Gnosis Card are securely managed on Safe, a trusted smart contract crypto wallet. This provides users with peace of mind, knowing that their funds are well-protected and can be accessed at any time.

To handle the high transaction volumes securely, Gnosis Pay utilizes a custom Layer 2 (L2) solution built on the Gnosis Chain blockchain.

The Gnosis Chain, with over 125,000 validators across 79 countries, has established itself as the second most decentralized network after Ethereum. This decentralized infrastructure provides a solid foundation for Gnosis Pay, ensuring its scalability and ability to meet the growing demands of its user base.

The launch of Gnosis Pay and Gnosis Card marks a significant milestone for the web3 ecosystem — by connecting the traditional…


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