Gamestop launches self-custodial crypto wallet

May 24, 2022


You can now download Gamestop’s new NFT and crypto wallet that’s currently in beta.

Available as a browser extension wallet, it is an add-on for your web browser that adds a cryptocurrency wallet to the browser’s menu bar.

Installing a browser extension wallet allows you to store and trade cryptocurrencies and NFTs directly in decentralized apps like the upcoming GameStop NFT Marketplace, without having to leave your web browser window.

GameStop Wallet

The GameStop Wallet allows you to:

  • Store crypto & NFTs securely
  • Connect and trade on the upcoming GameStop NFT marketplace
  • Utilize decentralized apps on Ethereum
  • Transact on Ethereum and Loopring Layer 2
  • Take full control of your assets

Check out the page here.




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