Earn 17% APY on ETH — Yield Farming Opportunity on Optimism with Curve and Synthetix

2 min readSep 7, 2022

Curve Finance’s sETH/ETH Optimism pool is currently yielding 17% APY on ETH with a relatively low risk profile given their similar peg.

The ideal set up for this trade is to supply ETH and borrow sETH on Synthetix. This way, you can be protected against the sETH/sUSD peg in case it fails since you are technically holding short exposure to sETH.

You can borrow with a minimum of 120% collateralisation ratio — and the interest rate is 0.25%.

Then take the sETH you minted and deposit into Curve. Stake the LP tokens into the gauge for sweet yielding OP rewards.

Alternatively, if you don’t mind an added platform risk, you can deposit into Beefy’s sETH/ETH Vault for auto-compounding yields.

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